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Tour of Cedarbank School

Please find below details about our new school.

This is the Cedarbank School building.

Picture 1

Taxis will drop you off and pick you up in the carpark.  See the yellow arrows for where the taxis will stop.

Picture 2

Once you exit your taxi, you will walk on the paths to get to the main entrance.  The blue arrows show you the paths.

Picture 3

Everyone will enter and exit through the main doors.  You will pass by Mrs Curran and Mrs Wood each morning.

Picture 4

Mrs McDonald's office is right beside of the school office.

Picture 5

Across the hall from the offices, there is a large disabled toilet and changing area.

Picture 6
Picture 7

Beside Mrs McDonald's office is the First Aid Room.

Picture 8
Picture 9

After passing the offices and the First Aid Room, you will see this sign. This is the bottom of the stairs.

Picture 10

These stairs are for going up only. There will be signs to help you remember.

Picture 11

When you get to the top, you will see this sign. You will walk through a door to The Learning Plaza.

Picture 12

The Learning Plaza has three parts. The first is this ICT space.

Picture 13

The next part of The Learning Plaza is this seating area.

Picture 14

You will walk through a doorway and find the Library, the final area of the Learning Plaza.

Picture 15

The corridors are very big and bright.

Picture 16

There is booth seating in the corridors on both floors.

Picture 17

This is a general classroom.  There are several on the first floor.  These are for classes like Maths, English, RME, Life Skills and Social Subjects.

Picture 18

The Art Room is on the first floor. It is very big and open.

Picture 19

This is the upstairs toilets. There are 5 cubicles and 1 disabled toilet.

Picture 20
Picture 21

If you need to go downstairs, you can use the stairs that have this sign at the top.

Picture 22

These stairs are to go down only. There will be signs to help you remember.

Picture 23

When you get to the bottom, you will see this sign.  There are mostly practical rooms on the ground floor.

Picture 24

This is the kitchen for Food Tech.  This is only half of the room. It is too big to fit in one picture.

Picture 25

This is the Craft, Design and Technology (CDT) room.

Picture 26

Here is a photograph of the Music room.

Picture 27

The Science room has two parts.  The first is for experiments and the second is for your theory work.

Picture 28
Picture 29

These are the ground floor toilets.

Picture 30

You will see this signage for both the first floor and ground floor toilets.

Picture 31

There are 5 cubicles and 1 disabled toilet on the ground floor.

Picture 32

This is what the toilet stall looks like inside.  It is very private. The walls and door go all the way from the floor to the ceiling.

Picture 33

Here is the disabled toilet. It is the same both on the first floor and ground floor.  

Picture 34

These are the sinks at the toilets.  There are hand dryers just to the left of the sinks.

Picture 35

This is the PE hall. It is very similar to the PE hall in the old building.

Picture 36

The changing rooms are just across from the entrance to the PE hall.  The door looks like this.

Picture 37

The changing rooms look like this.  It is like there are 10 small rooms inside.

Picture 38

This is what the PE changing room stall looks like inside. It is very private. The walls and door go all the way from the floor to the ceiling.  

Picture 39

This is the dining hall. You will collect and eat your lunch here.

Picture 40

The outdoor space is very big and split into different areas. This is called 'The Oasis.' It will be used for games, stories and relaxing during breaks.

Picture 41
Picture 42

This space is called 'The Outback.' There will be picnic benches added and the area can be used to hang out in.

Picture 43

This is called 'The Valley.' It will be used a lot for Outdoor Learning. 

Picture 44

The big grassy field beside the school is called 'The Grasslands.' This area will be used for football during break times.

Picture 45


We have a video of how the school is looking as at the end of October 2021.

In addition here is a presentation from the Parent/Carer Council from September 2021 showing some pictures.

Cedarbank Parent Council Meeting Sept 2021 (gi.ui.mediatype.powerpoint) [10MB] (opens new window)

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