If school has to close because of snow or other adverse weather, pupils will be able to carry on with class work online, using Microsoft Teams. Staff would be online to support them.

Where young people do not have access to a device at home we will send you a pack of resources. This would be sent home in the next few weeks and we would ask you to put this to one side and use it in the event of a closure.

All pupils are currently being surveyed to check whether they have access to a suitable device at home.

Should a closure take place and the pupil has forgotten his or her email address or password, please contact us at wlcedarbank-sch@westlothian.org.uk  This email address will be monitored during a school closure. We would then contact you to help get them back on to Teams. You can also try our guides on how to access Teams here.

In lieu of any packs being sent out, we can suggest numerous websites that will provide educational benefit. They can be accessed here.

Broad General Education

Winter Ready tasks for S1 - S3

Family Activities

Activities that can be done with the whole family.

Senior Phase

Winter Ready tasks for pupils in the senior phase

Sources of Support

Sources of Support leaflets have been developed by colleagues in West Lothian Council and contain contact details for a wide range of agencies and resources which may be of benefit to pupils and parents/carers during periods of lockdown.


Here list of websites that are useful during inclement weather